Karma is a non-exchangeable ledger value that is used to track the contributions made to the Kambria ecosystem, and is used to proportionally distribute dividends to our users. Karma cannot be transferred, and it can only be received as a reward for contributions made on the Kambria platform. You will earn Karma when joining Kambria activities and accomplishing your tasks.

You can think of Karma as a reputation system that acknowledges your expertise by tracking all of the work and activities you’ve completed on Kambria. Karma is only awarded to users who have demonstrated clear understanding and have successfully completed their activities in a decisive manner. Users who have earned exceptionally high Karma will distinguish themselves as accomplished and active developers on our platform.

Karma will also increase your Expert Level on the Kambria Platform. The higher your Expert Level is, the more benefits you will have access to.

Expert Levels

Karma holders will also be able to participate in Kambria’s profit-sharing program. We intend to use Karma as a way to track contributions made on Kambria so that we can begin to share profit revenue made by Kambria International fairly. Therefore, as your work and contributions increase, so does your earning potential. The idea is to create a reputation system that also benefits contributors by creating incentives across multiple avenues.