One of the most important reasons for Kambria to adopt blockchain is to build our own tokenomics, which allows us to build a community much faster and stronger than any other traditional open source projects. If you think about it, traditional projects either need a lot of financial backing from a big company (like Android and Google) or are at the mercy of developers willing to donate their free time (like Linux). With our blockchain-based KAT token, Kambria can actively acquire technology that is locked away in patents and research labs, as well as, reward developers who contribute to Kambria. 

The second benefit using blockchain technology is to break down the process of innovation from being designed to production and manufacturing, and then on to commercialization. It allows different parties to address each piece separately while maintaining transparency and trust and then being able to distribute all of the upside through using tokenomics. This way the best engineers can focus on making the best robots, while the best entrepreneurs can focus on finding the best markets and use cases, and get fairly compensated. 

The third factor is that blockchain technology allows Kambria to operate in an open system. Users can maintain and develop on top of it, and the technology is owned by the community. AI and robotics are way too important to be owned by just a few big corporations. You can already see some of the abuses and privacy violations coming out of the largest social network. We want to make sure that Kambria will better serve society as a whole.