• How many KAT can I swap using your conversion tool?
    You can swap up to 40,000 KAT per day until the community as a whole has swapped 1 million KAT. The tool will then be paused until it resets the next day. You can convert your KAT into KYTE as many days in a row as you’d like.

  • What is the conversion ratio of KAT to KYTE?
    100 KAT per 1 KYTE

  • What does the 1 million KAT per day cap mean?
    The 1 million KAT is an aggregate cap of the maximum number of KAT that can be converted in one 24-hour period by the community. Once the cap is reached, no further conversions will be accepted until the following day.

  • Will there be yield farming?
    Absolutely. We have partnered up with Gourmet Galaxy (Gum Pad) to offer high yield rewards for yield farming.

  • What is the yield farming APY?
    We will announce the APY after the IDO on Gum Pad.

  • What can you do with KYTE?
    Our intention is to offer our community high yield trading, staking benefits, and the ability to participate in Kambria crowdsourcing as a vehicle to earn incentives both on and off-platform through the power of DeFi. Our vision is to bring value to the community and offer equitable access and the flexibility to transact and trade with only an internet connection.

  • Will you continue to support KAT?

  • What happens to my KAT after it’s converted to KYTE?
    All converted KAT is sent directly to an Ethereum burn address, where it can never be retrieved.

  • What if I only have a small amount of tokens? The price of gas is so high!
    We understand the Ethereum network has been congested and as a result, the gas fees have been abnormally high. We believe that the benefits of holding KYTE outweigh the consequence of the high gas prices. We recommend converting as close to the 40,000 KAT as you can to minimize the number of transactions you make. Alternatively, you can purchase KYTE on the Gum Pad IDO or Uniswap.

  • How many KAT have been converted so far?
    133.8 million KAT were converted to 1.338 million KYTE as of March 29th, 2021.