This article will give you an instruction on how to stake KYTE - ETH LP token

1. STEP 1: 

  • In the Swap section, in FROM choose ETH or USDT, while in TO you will choose KYTE by filling the corresponding Contract of KYTE: 0xa053c1b7013e77fe0a873ce0ca2bd5d0b7414c41

2. STEP 2: 

  • On Uniswap, in the Pool section, choose Create a pair then select the corresponding token pair to create LP. For example, I choose the ETH-KYTE pair, enter amount of ETH, and automatically convert the corresponding of KYTE. 

  • Click: Supply -> Confirm Supply

3. STEP 3: 

  • After successfully creating a pair of LPs in Uniswap. Everyone via choose the corresponding pair of LPs to do Farming (Before Farming, everyone needs to Approve Contact Metamask Wallet)

4. STEP 4: 

  • Deposit amount of LPs => click approve => deposit and you can get GUM by stacking KYTE - ETH LP token.